Behind Gelato

If you have not done so, try gelato. Many people have no idea what this tasty treat is and therefore avoid it. However, it is not the same as ice cream and it can be one of your favourites as soon as you taste that first bite. For those that may not know, it is a type of Italian ice cream that is significantly different from what is common in Australia. If you have not tasted it yet, the good news is that you will now find it readily available through specialized providers. Give it a try to find out if it is right for you.

What Is It?

The first question people ask is what is gelato? In Italy, the word is used to describe any type of sweet, frozen treat. However, in other portions of the world, it is a specific mixture of milk, cream and sugars. It can have flavourings or additives including fresh fruit within it. One thing that makes it significantly different is the amount of butter fat contained within it. Unlike traditional ice creams, it has less butter fat compared to most ice creams. This reduced amount of butter fat gives it a lighter consistency.

A Long History

Another important aspect to consider about this tasty treat is just how long it has been consumed. It is possible to date back the use of it to ancient Rome and Egypt, in various forms. It was used in the most lavish of banquets common in Florence, too. However, the popularity of this treat did not happen until the early 1900’s when in the city of Varese, the first food cart was created for this treat. Though it can be made at home, it is much more common for this treat to be purchased from specialized providers who know the industry well enough to create the tastiest versions.

What Makes It Stand Out

If you were to enjoy gelato and compare it to ice cream commonly found in Australia, you would see a significant difference. You would notice it is lighter but often times it has fuller flavour. Because of the way it is frozen, it has a smoother texture than most other forms of ice cream. This does give it a different type of experience too.

Even those who are passionate about ice cream can benefit from a few tastes of this product. Gelato may be something you call in love with once you have the opportunity to taste it. You may not want to go back to other forms of frozen treats after sampling it either.

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